Saturday, August 22, 2015

New Blog

A new life and a new blog: Divorced and Hitting the Town, Dating.  I write about the adventures of being over 40, divorced, the mother and guardian of 2 autistic young adults, all while trying to date again after 20 years.  Let's face it, times have changed, technology has changed, and the over 40 lifestyle is a whole lot different!  It's been an interesting ride of adventure and humor.  And what would we do without our sense of humor?!

Blogging isn't just about sharing your thoughts and stories for others to read and maybe learn a thing or two from a kindred spirit.  It's also a key instrument in learning about yourself, and a window into self discovery -- hey, it's cheaper than therapy!  My life's journey has been a tough road but I'm making it through just fine. And I'm still smiling!  :)

As for my kids who are 20 and 21, they are doing great! They are strong, capable, smart and determined. They are my true heroes!


Anonymous said...

Who honestly is going to want to marry someone with severely autistic kids? It wouldn't even enter my mind to date again and expect someone to put up with that.

CL said...

It's been awhile since this post was up. Hope your life has transitioned nicely from your divorce.

Anonymous said...

Dumped her autistic kid at NECC. How much candy do they shove in her mouth a day to get her to comply? Lazy parents. God help the kid.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 10/11/ answer your one in their right mind! She's dreamin'!