Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Falkenbury Farm and Guest House -- Vacation Idea for Children with Autism

I love Vermont! There's so much to do and see throughout the year: summertime sightseeing, hiking and swimming, fall foliage, and winter skiing... Last year I took Nick to White River Junction, Quechee and Woodstock and stayed at Killington. We explored everything including several farms: cheese and maple syrup making; we ate lunch overlooking the river and a waterfall; and Nick got to see how pottery and glassware was crafted by the artists themselves. Every place we ventured, there was something unique to see and explore--and the mountain backdrop is a photographer's dream... And when I saw this note from Falkenbury Farm I just had to share it...

A Note From Falkenbury Farm:

Recent visitors suggested I try to market our guesthouse to parents of Autistic children. Their child loved the animals and whole atmosphere of the farm. The parents were able to relax completely in the guesthouse and cook and do things whenever they wanted. They had been searching for 'hands on' activities for their child. He was able to feed the cows, visit the llama and bond with the goats. If you have any ideas how to target such an audience, I would greatly appreciate it. Or if you would prefer to simply share our website with someone you may know? Benson, Vermont.


Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Someday, when I take the boys on a trip to the East Coast, Vermont will be on the list!

Maddy said...

Probably a little far for us to go. My children don't travel fine wine.