Monday, June 30, 2008

Kids and Shots

Tomorrow afternoon I have to take my daughter to her pediatrician for the Meningococcal Vaccine—she can’t go to her new school without it. Good grief and good luck, right!! Meghan has autism, but she is also very stubborn and determined (hmmm, wonder who she got those genes from). This is not a good character combo: autism with a mix of stubborn determination. I am telling you that if she doesn’t want a shot in the arm (now how many can raise their mouse and tell me that they would), then she’s not gonna get one. The last time my son got a shot (the flu shot) he didn’t like it either but then he realized--after about 15 minutes of argument--that he had to get the shot and surrendered by hugging me as hard as he could until it was over---sooo sweet! Let me tell you now, this won’t be happening with my daughter, oh Nooo! She will fight us all to the end—until we are black and blue and down for the count!! Help!

Any do-gooders out there who want to come…or at least offer us a good luck and good-bye?

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