Monday, June 30, 2008

The StepMonster

I have a friend who is a stepmother…to a teenager, no less (hahahah—sorry, just had to get that out!), now if that isn’t punishment enough, then listen to this: not only does she not have control over disciplining the little “tricksy” or better yet, “daddy’s little angel who can do no wrong”, this “Little Angel” is quite aware of it, too!! Yup, if my friend needs to let's say “execute motherly discipline” in her own house, then Little Angel goes running off to clueless-to-the-world-of-disciplinarians, daddy. Talk about frustrating. Looks like Little Angel will be getting into some major trouble; hence, whatever Little Angel wants, Little Angel gets for the sake of peace in the marriage. Now if this isn’t a one-way ticket to a reputable marriage counselor, then what is?

Can anyone help or relate?

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