Friday, August 1, 2008

"Imitation" Poem

Someone (Okay, a good friend) asked me to share more poetry, so I thought I would offer some from time to time or when I feel that I have 'bloggers block.'

The following poem was inspired by Meghan, who was about 3 or 4 at the time, and who started imitating me while I was getting ready to go out one evening. I always remember working very hard to get her to imitate my behavior--something that is hard to do and teach a child with autism, especially in the early years; tirelessly, I would try to teach her something and have her follow to no avail. But on this particular late afternoon, she came up alongside me and did the unimaginable of which inspired a celebration and tears than just this poem...


Looking to the mirror on cue:
Standing naked at the mirror—the way she likes it:
Brush in hand,
Long string of pearls draped around her neck,
Long side to back, swaying above her bare seat.
Looking to the mirror on cue:
Powdering nose
Looking to the mirror on cue:
Dabbing lips with rose
Looking to the mirror on cue:
Coloring eyelids to and fro
Looking to the mirror on cue:
I notice the sweetness of a child
Who longs to be like me;
The imitation is perfect--
And necessary
For a mom to glimpse:
That she will be okay—in the normal way
And we smile:
Looking to the mirror on cue.

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