Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Life At Her New School...

Update on Meghan:

She is doing wonderfully!! She really is. She likes the structure and the group of women/teachers who work with her throughout the week and weekends--and they like her; they said that they were so impressed with Meghan's ability to adapt to her new surrounding/schedule and fit right in right off the bat. Right now she is staying at “her” house for up to 5 weeks before she can start coming home on the weekends, if she even wants to. It seems like she is enjoying her time at school and at her house, with all the girls, just that much.

We visit every Saturday and last week she played ball with us and then showed us around her house (a typical 1970s style colonial house in a suburban development with similar style homes, set up with easy, fun furniture)--she entertained us with her new found ability to work on the treadmill and the stationary exercise bike--just showing off for us! Then she likes to show off her room (a large master bedroom shared with two other girls--get this, girl's names: Molly, Maggie, Meghan and before Meghan was Maria!!) they all have their own television and they like to share with each other what they're watching at night--it's like a slumber party, apparently, minus the pillow fights!

After about an hour or so, we left and she was waiving bye and kissed us…Wow, she really likes her new school, I must say!

Soon, they will take Meghan out in the community: They will go to parks, shopping, and restaurants with their group of girls...and continue to reinforce acceptance in the community.

Life is different for us at home too. Meghan commanded a lot of attention and required a lot of help, so life is easier for me too. Nick is getting the attention from us that he needed and it's a lot easier to go out knowing that we can have a day out without worrying if it's going to be a: good, bad, or ugly kind of day!!

So it’s good! But Meghan is happy too and that's what is most important to us! Isn’t that what we want for our children, foremost?

And hey, I can finally go back to work after 13 years--Yikes--will someone hire me???

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