Friday, August 8, 2008

Movie Time

For all of those movie enthusiasts: I recently saw the movie Mamma Mia with my mother and aunt (so I’m glad there weren’t any sex scenes) but a pretty good movie, who knew that Pierce Brosnan could sing, and Meryl Streep for that matter—she was amazing in this movie. Fun and delightful is my rating, although, I probably would not have seen the movie if my mother and aunt didn’t ask me to come along…even though I like the music of ABBA (Oh, should I admit that?).

It was fun and entertaining and not racy, so you can see it with your mother and aunt and grandma too—what the heck, get all your good deeds done all at once…because I did noticed that I was the only one under 60 in the movie theatre--Yikes!

Conversely, it was nothing like Sex and the City, which I also saw—without mom—thank God because that would have been embarrassing… and a forever relationship changing “horror” due to “its” sexual content. Heads up for all those laughing husbands who would rather die than see Sex and the City with their wife or girlfriend or either ;)—because there was a sex scene (or two) OF YOUR DREAMS in this movie!!

I went to this movie alone…yes, sad I know. I had the benefit of being able to get a sitter and shortly after jumping for joy, I grabbed my purse and flew out the door--think the sitter actually heard my car burning rubber down the driveway. So I went to the movie and had some alone time and, of course, "happily" obeyed the turning-off-my-cell-phone rule (hey, gotta do my part as to not irritate my fellow man) realizing, too, that this would abolished any notion that the sitter could actually call me (screaming in horror) to come home... But, of course, while feeling that "motherly-guilt" --as I certainly did, I soon got over it while inhaling my bag of popcorn--love movie theatre popcorn, just love it!!

To tell you the truth, I’m sort of glad that I went alone, because at one point I was sitting there thinking that if I had brought a friend along, then I might have been pretty embarrassed just the same. Or maybe I’m just being prudish, I don’t know? But the movie was entertaining, funny and, YES, very sexy!

Has anyone else seen this movie? Or care to admit to it as I have??

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