Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas and birthday self-indulging

It’s Christmas and my birthday all month long for me. This is how I see it, anyway—it’s my month. I know you’re probably thinking how disgustingly self-absorbed she really is!! Really!! But that’s the point. And you should try it, too! It comes with the theory that life is just too darn short and since my birthday falls just days before Christmas, and by that time I will be knee-deep in the craziness of the Christmas season that I won’t enjoy it as much as one is supposed to enjoy their birthday. So, I take the entire month instead.

I start on December 1st and it’s a small start like adding a peppermint candy to my coffee in the morning. And if I’ve got whipped cream in the house, then I add that, too. Yum. I also indulge in hot cocoa with peppermint candy and chocolates at night (Dove chocolates—OMG) and engage in some guilt-free television watching while snuggled under my comforter as early as 6:00pm. My son thinks it’s hilarious and he joins in, too. When he was much younger, I actually tried to train him to rub my feet, but that worked for about 5 seconds and then never again—he would run away when I’d ask him—such a smart boy!

The point of this is that I do whatever I want—guilt-free. Like reading a book, going out to lunch with a friend (a wine-drinking lunch, but that’s how it is normally, anyway), order take-out more than I should, or if I’m working (ah, another miserable story) then I don’t stress out about it as much. It’s kinda like a adopting a new attitude just for the month.

Hmm, well actually it sound remarkably similar to what I do all winter long, actually… but at least it’s guilt-free for the month of December!!

My newest thing was engaging in some guilt-free lying. Yes, I lie too. I told my parents that I wanted the iPhone for Christmas since it is now 200.00—they usually buy each of their three kids (I’m the middle kid) a 200.00 present or 200.00 in cash under the tree. So I took these very technically-challenged elderly people to the AT&T store (ah, they’re 67, but I can say whatever I want because, since they are technically-challenged, they don’t read my blog) and I told them a little itty-bitty lie that I actually had to get my present (iPhone) early (like that day, and at that moment) because I would have to convert my current phone to the iPhone all at once in order to purchase the phone—a total, total lie, but I did make it sound technically- complicated—so good for me! And they were fine with it. I mean if its gotta be, its gotta be. And my father was examining the phone as if it were something from outer space.

So I have my present already. I know, spoiled brat!! But it’s my month so who are you to judge!! And I must say, or as our teen kids would say, the iPhone is just so cool—it really is. So I’m playing!!

Now if I could only get a job, then all would be perfect!! As I am writing, I am waiting to hear about my last interview to find out if it’s a yeah or nay or neigh!!

Do you have a job? What’s it like? I forgot! Sigh!!

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Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Happy Birthmonth! I love your "wine drinking lunch" idea. I think I'll try that this weekend!

As for work, I wear several different hats to pay the bills. Seems to be my lot as a single parent who homeschools. Fortunately most of the work I can do from home by logging in, and then I go into the office on Fridays. I do royalty administration for an independent music label and some proofreading and editing here and there. Not the most lucrative employment, but it works with my schedule. Good luck with your job hunt!