Friday, December 5, 2008

Morning Routine

How do you know when you are not awake, but dreaming? Oh, there are signs to watch for, trust me. But my brain tricked me--twice. I wake up to the alarm at 6:00. Um, that a.m. in case you were worried. My routine is not hard, it's actually like a vacation from the last routine that I had to endure. My last routine encompassed Meghan and the whole nightmarish 2- hour-morning-routine-of-trying-to-get-her-up, dressed, washed, etc. And pray that she actually still makes her bus on time. And that I would practically be hyperventilating during the last 5 minutes because the bus driver would be threatening me that she would leave if Meghan doesn’t come—NOW!! Oh, ho, hoe, the miserable days!! But now my morning is soooo luxury-good!! How luxury good? A day at the spa--like, luxury good!!

I get up and shake Nick awake; as soon as I know he’s awake I turn on his shower and go back to bed--yup, you heard me right! I go back to my nice-warm-yummy-and-still dark-outside bed. Because I know that Nick will drag himself up and into the shower as soon as he hears the shower running. He’s Just. That. Good! And so damn opposite Meghan it’s hard to comprehend that they're even related.

So I will be sleeping in my bed for about another half hour in a semiconscious state. You know the light sleep, dream-like-state, but your mind-clock knows that you’ll need to get up at 6:40 to drink coffee. Yes, what a grueling thing to have to wake up to do!! After coffee I make Nick his breakfast of cereal—at his request. No, I’m not one of those moms who will make a three-course breakfast for her boy. That would be my grandmother, and I’m not my grandma—besides, no one can compete with grandma! But Nick has trouble eating before school anyway—due to anxiety, but my good motherly task is making sure that he has a few bites, at least.

But this morning I dreamed that I got up and shook Nick and turned on the shower and went back to bed, normal. Except my brain should have focused-in on the shower part just a little bit more, since I did observe that is contained a huge array of the finest shampoos—just all lined up in a row—like at the spa!!

Now how could my brain think that that was normal? I should have cued in on the fact that if the shower doesn’t contain at least half a dozen, semi-filled bottles of (ultra-cheap) Suave shampoo, then it’s not my shower!! And I must be dreaming.

So I woke up, again—really this time. I am sure of it! I got up and shook Nick, walked into his shower and turned on the hot water and voila, next to the finest selection of shampoos were the addition of the finest selection of body and face scrubs. Oh, nice!! And I could really use that, was all that I was thinking. HELLO!! But my brain was too wrapped around the idea that my husband must have purchased these fine luxury items. Haaa! I’m not only still dreaming, but I must also be sickly-hallucinatory!!

So I am sitting here right now drinking luxury coffee with peppermint and whipped cream added--yummy by the way, and I’m thinking of all the things that I could blame for making Nick almost late this morning, besides my pure laziness. I’m thinking that it could be my late afternoon Starbucks coffee that I have the night before. Or perhaps it’s the wine that I have directly after my late afternoon Starbucks coffee? And if it’s not one of those godly drugs, then it’s most definitely the NyQuil that I down just before bed! Yes! It’s definitely the NyQuil!

But, lazy, Noooo!!


Tanya @ Teenautism said...

This one got me smiling - and craving some wine! Glad to hear that your mornings are easier - you certainly deserve it.

babs m said...

I'm SO dropping in to use your shower.....and I like fresh chocolate shavings on my coffee,

Holly Nappi Collins said...

You mean my dream shower!! Or the shower of my dreams, rather!! But the chocolate shavings, ah, you are speaking my language!!! ;)