Thursday, March 19, 2009

What a great teacher, principal, psychiatrist, pediatrician, nurse, shoe store..

First, what a great teacher…

As a continuation of my last post (anxiety issues at school), Nick’s teacher sent me this email the very next day:

Hi Mrs. Collins,
I sent Mr. S., the principal, an email regarding the lockdown. Attached is his
response. My GUESS is it will be this week, but please be sure to tell Nick I spoke
with Mr.(Principal) and the alarms are NOT expected to go off. I know Nick talked to me
yesterday about being nervous about the loud noise from the fire alarm.
Thanks so much,

Hi (Principal),
My student Nick is VERY anxious about the lockdown drill. Do you
know if the fire alarm will be going off, he's worried about the
Also, I know we aren't supposed to know when it is, but he is
leaving for Florida on Monday and I don't want him to continue to
be upset the rest of the week. Is there any way to know if we are
having the drill this week? He now needs to be walked to class
with a para because his anxiety is so high. I also have his
mother's cell phone number to call her if we have it while he is
on vacation so he won't ruin his vacation worrying about the
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Hi (Teacher),
The drill will be sooner than later. His vacation will not be ruined. In
fact, he will be relieved. The alarm is not supposed to go off during the
drill. Thanks.

What’s also great is that Nick’s psychiatrist got my message about my concern about him needing more meds (based on what I have noted about Nick)… and his response was: he agreed and has already called in a new script to the pharmacy… and all within a 24 hour period, too…. Hey!!

And don’t look now but we seem to be on a roll… I left a message for the pediatrician asking for a note, stating that Nick has autism, so that we can get a disability pass at Disney… Even though I kinda felt like a heel ... I mean, I called and had to leave a message on the nurse’s "hotline" number… “Hi, uhhhhh, I know you're busy, but, um ... we’re going to Disney next week and I wanted to get a, uhhhh, note from the doctor saying that my son has autism so he can, um (cut in line and be first for rides at Disney), get a disability pass" … Ugh... But, the nurse called me back--2 hours later-- (same nurse as always—nice woman) and said, “Of course we can do that, no problem…. Who do I address it to at Disney?" Whoa!!

And they had the letter ready for me the very next day.

Hey, we’re getting some good service around here!!

And I'm feeling so good that I'm running off to buy myself a new pair of shoes!! Yum ... They're nice designer ones at Marshalls for only 30 bucks... Hey, some healthy, guilt-free shopping-- just for me!!


Shea's Mom said...

Excellent! Good work on everybodies part! Isn't it nice when things just seem to mesh well.

Good on you for making it happen. You deserve those shoes. And, whole closet full.


Trish said...

What a wonderful group of people! I hope you have an amazing time at Disney - we would love to go there within the next couple of years.

Tabitha in Bliss said...

I'm glad to read that the school is accommodating your son. I think that teacher Rocks!

Kate said...

That sounds great! I'm glad you're going to Disney. Just read some other blog about their kids going to Disney...they loved it.

Maddy said...

Teamwork is what it's all about - glad you're such a great team leader especially in those awfully trendy new shoes.

Mama Mara said...

You EARNED those shoes. Strut, lady!

Holly Nappi Collins said...

Hey, thanks everyone!!

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Have fun at Disney! We got a pass for Nigel when we went several years ago, and it made a huge difference in how successful the day was for him.

Bobbi said...

That is awesome! Great things have been happening for you!

endswith8741 said...

What a great day all around! And the shoe store, to boot?!

Good thing you got the note for Disney. Last week when we went, I FORGOT it back where we were staying. And instead of having a document to back me up, I stumbled through my words with Disney City Hall.

That place is great, though. They still gave us the disability pass we needed.

Anyway, here's wishing you a fabulous trip!! I'll be thinking of you!