Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring, spring; it's here, it's here!!!

My kids will be home all next week for spring break, and Nick will come home from school this afternoon and ask for tomorrow off to start his vacation a day early… Hmmmm?? Anxiety or manipulation?? What to do?

Meghan will be home for the entire week. This will be a good...and fun...and lovely little break for all… and by Thursday, I will be a complete nut job (that is: more so than I am already).

I will require many trips out to bathe in the warm sun (there had better be sun or I’m gonna hurt someone) and enjoy some relaxing drinks.. (um, apple martinis come to mind); so while I walk around like a crazy person and sweetly sedated by liquor, I have just one assignment that I want to do for Meghan:

Paint her room.

Paint all of our rooms, actually--and the family room too. And the porch railings, and fertilize the lawn, repair the Adirondack chairs (J.C).

Anyway, my problem is this… I need to find out what color Meghan would like me to paint her room. I have, at one time, laid out swatches of color to have her pick her favorite, but to no avail; she just pointed to each one and recited the color---she's so proud of her “color speaking skills.” But I want to know “which” color to paint her room—or what her favorite color is, frankly—but she doesn’t understand the question.

Any suggestions? Please be my guest.

Otherwise, I’m going to go with Apple Martini green!!


And interesting to note: I have been wearing a shirt on my body for hours now—one that I didn’t recognize as my own, and much bigger... so I thought, hmmm, where the heck did this come from??” Anyway, it looked good on me so I decided, hmmmm, who cares, it looks good with my jeans!!

So out and about I suddenly noticed a little tear at the sleeve and thought--OMG, it’s Meghan’s shirt… how did I not known?

The bottom line: Meghan has been living outside our home for several months that I didn’t even recognize her shirt.


Tanya @ Teenautism said...

I do that with stuff after the boys come back from summer with their dad - I'll find something in the laundry and not know whose it is.

As for Meghan's room, maybe buy or create a social story about painting it? There might be some books/stories available online. That's all I can think of, other than what you've already tried. Hope it's a fun time!

Anonymous said...

I'm on painting patrol, too!! Starting with two walls in the living room. Good luck on your project. Wish I could suggest a color for you. My favorite is blue -- plus it's calming. Since you asked.....

Shea's Mom said...

Your to-do list is inspiring or it makes me wonder what the heck I did during Spring Break.

All I can say is Apple Martini, please and make it a double. What color would that be? A nice fresh light tangy green?

Maybe giving her too many choices is not working. Maybe give her 2 or 3 choices? Less is more?

Good luck and keep us posted.

Holly Nappi Collins said...

Yes, Shea's Mom, the more vodka, the less green it becomes!! Speaking of which, my neighbor once made me an apple martini and it was barely green--actually, one would have describe it being white with a pinch of green!!! I drank 2---Oy vey!


I am happy for you that your baby girl is coming home for the week. I will definately enjoy some apple tinies with you, we need to catch up!! :)


By the way the color of my tinies is clear with a tiny hint of green!! Less iss more, you only need two!! Lol