Friday, April 3, 2009

Vacation at Home??

Sitting here while awaiting Meghan’s bus (and inhaling some chips and dip--salt, I need SALT), Meghan will soon be getting off the bus and running inside. Did you get that, running? Yes she will, because, to her, this is "vacation." Ohh, now I've got the Go-Go's "Vacation" song in my head.
And now it's in your head, too! Sorry! But what the hell, let's just enjoy it .... G0-G0's Vacation, live

Coming home every other weekend is a "real" break from a stricter routine and food menu. Yes, food too. I feel guilty because she just wants to “inhale” food when she’s home (like I'm doing with these damn chips!!), because she can’t do it at school. A food addict or sensory needs? Not sure, but she loves food, and the guilt comes into play because I give in a bit and give her “extra” food that she would not ordinarily get at school. Oh, good mother; bad mother??

A few minutes ago I popped into her room to check on her bed to make sure that everything was to her liking. Gee, I feel like an innkeeper: good food, nice bed, and NO, there isn’t a chocolate on her pillow…that would be ridiculous! (It’s actually stuffed in her drawer!!... Hey, what that heck do you want from me, I’m a mom!)

But on her bed is the newest member of her Winnie the Pooh collection of stuffed animals. It’s Piglet. She didn't have Piglet, so I got her one from Disney World. (Incidentally, she keeps Winnie the Pooh home, and the others are on her bed at school. Not sure why, but I’m guessing it's to make sure she knows she’s coming home (tugs at your heart, doesn't it?). Meanwhile, Tigger and the rest of the crew are with her at school—cute, huh?) And Yes, I was feeling a wee bit guilty that she had to stay in school, and did not come along on our latest trip. But I’m glad that she didn’t; it would’ve been hard on her from what I had heard from school. I get an update every week and last week was no different. The teacher told me that she didn’t have a good week last week… A lot of hand biting and sensory issues, and it seems like it was PMS related. Can you imagine being on the plane, or on a Disney ride, and have Meghan feel overwhelmed and become behavioral? Yikes. It was one thing when she was a lot younger.. and smaller!

I remember one time a few years ago, I took the kids to a fair and, bravely, took her on a “fun” ride: the water, roller coaster ride (semi- coaster, more water ride). Anyway, she had decided that she had had enough and wanted to get off as we were ascending the roller coaster part and then a splash down… I had to yank her down and practically sit on her to make her stay in her seat--while I was having heart palpitations!! Can you see us now? I mean, where did she think she was going to go?

So yes, as I was standing in line for a scary as hell Disney ride--which included heights, I imagined that scene and knew that I had made the right decision--to make this trip just about Nick!

And I’ll admit, I had a good break too!
And the Vacation song is over..... so sad!


kristi said...

It's amazing, when they are done, they are DONE!! There is no reasoning with them either!

Mama Mara said...

I feel guilty so often because I just can't face the idea of going to DisneyWorld and paying a gajillion dollars for what would probably be about 45 minutes of fun, 45 minutes of meltdown, and two-plus days of me begging my boys to leave our hotel room.

Oops. Guilt's cured.

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

That's so cute about Meghan with Winnie the Pooh. Nigel still loves Winnie the Pooh stuff too.