Monday, October 20, 2008

Dancing with the Stars: from Autism Speaks

Tune in tonight for a behind-the-scenes peek at the new Autism Speaks PSA featuring Toni Braxton.

On Monday, Oct. 20 tune in to ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" to watch a special segment on Autism Speaks' national spokesperson, Toni Braxton. The show will feature a "day in the life of Toni Braxton," which includes exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from Toni's recent video shoot for Autism Speaks' new Ad Council public service announcements (PSAs).
Make sure to vote for Toni this week to keep her and autism awareness in the spotlight!

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Click here to donate to Autism Speaks.

1 comment:

autismfamily said...

First I heard of this but not surprised since I saw her on a few shows when she first got the dx for her son and knew she would somehow get autism mentioned on DWTS. I dont watch the show, but when flipping around the other night I saw her dance and that outfit, what little there was and not impressed with the dancing, it was so stiff and not emotionally connected to the music. Are you on my id is autismfamily