Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Need More Information About Twitter and LinkedIn

I’m not all that technically-inclined, if that is the right word for it, so I am not getting the point of Twitter. Bonnie from Autism Family Adventures had recently asked me if I am following Twitter and to answer her, yes, I have a login account and have registered. I know she has plenty of followers, but I’m not clear on what is the point if I already have a blog. If someone can email me or comment on what they like about Twitter or why it’s great for them, I would love to know.

And LinkedIn for that matter. Anyone a member of that? If so, how does it work and what does it do to help you?

Thanks for your help from your not so technical or linked friend.


autismfamily said...

I just noticed this while on technorati. Twitter is like a marketing tool, where you can let people know when you have a new blog post, share links to interestnig sites and find products that might be of interest and then get them to review.

I have received many items that I am still going through to review on my autism site at BellaOnline.

there are all these blog giveaways for the holidays. Check out some of the scrolling buttons on my blog, chances are they are over on twitter.

People use hashtags to peform searches and keep conversation in one location. for example I am following this 15 days of marketing. So go to and for search use #15days and find all the people tweeting about it.

I regularly use autism in the search to find new blogs, people, etc.

Hope this helps a bit on twitter. Do a google search on it and there are many articles, depends on if you are an author, org or whatever.

Linked In is for marketing yourself and career. You input your previous jobs and connect with people from them and there are groups and events and people will recommend you from companies you are at or online communities.

Holly Nappi Collins said...

Thanks Bonnie!! I knew you would come through and answer that question! I will play around with twitter... I also registered to Facebook, too, what the heck!!