Monday, October 27, 2008

Not In The Mood For This Right Now ...

I don’t care if he’s a celebrity and a do-gooder for the charities that he does believe in or worse, just wants to sell his book, but he really needs to shut up. I liked this article in the Boston Herald, it’s about a Massachusetts mom, who has an autistic son, taking on Denis Leary (about his latest autism comments) and wanting him to walk a day in her shoes—hey, mine too, why not! (over 50 comments to this article)

I’m usually open to listening to others' opinions and even playing devil’s advocate, but, today, I'm just so sick of listening to uneducated, ignorant opinions about diagnosing autism. Couldn’t Leary learn from the Michael Savage fiasco?

Unless you’re a closet Neurological Psychologist, Leary, then shut the f… up—celebrity or not! And if this is what it takes to sell your book, then you're pathetic!!

Does anyone not agree?

The articles in the Herald:

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