Thursday, October 2, 2008

New England Foliage and Apple Picking

Love fall in New England. I know, I know, the folks from the south (namely some in our family) just love to laugh at our poor New England butts for having to deal with our brutal, winter weather. But laugh not, because we also have some of the best fall foliage and apple picking known to man. So move over palm trees and orange groves, it’s our time to shine!!

Love to go apple picking and enjoy the fall foliage. Of the many places to do both, one of my favorites is the Nashoba Valley Winery located in Bolton Mass.—and not too far to travel from where I live.

From their expansive orchard you can pick a bushel of your favorite apple or you can pick a peck of peaches and plums, too.

Then after you pick, pick, pick your fruit you can go into their winery and sample some fine wine. They have quite an array of wine, full and half bottles, too. Last year we bought a half bottle of a raspberry wine, which they opened for us, and we purchased some crackers and cheese that they also offer and we sat outside in the warm sun and enjoyed the foliage. Some people bring a picnic with them and just purchase the wine—very romantic and fun!

There is also a restaurant next to the winery that is rustic and sounds just delectable. We have never had lunch or dinner there because it requires a reservation. So this Sunday we will grab my parents and stuff them in our car, steal Meghan away from her school and head up to the Winery to apple pick (galore) and have brunch. Yummy! This will also be our first real outing with Meghan since she entered her school.

For those in the New England area, or thinking of visiting soon, here is the link to the winery:

If you go, let me know!! Or if you have your own favorite place, let us all know!!

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