Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"School" in the Eyes of a Kid

My Son Hates School, Can You Tell?

One day a long time ago my son’s inventive imagination decided to declare that school was really a kid jail! And the “cool” bus driver that kids are supposed to love, especially kindergarten age—like an adventure ride through town, is nothing more than a kid catcher—not unlike a dogcatcher, just without the net—and off to the jail they go. A place that kids are roundup, formed into a line—the rule is quiet or you get no outside time, only solitary confinement. Quietly they march into the big jail and to their room—the cell, while dragging their feet as if shackles were weighing them down and holding hands as if they were in chains and hooked together. And that lunch they serve? The principal—the warden, and if you don’t do well, he will keep you in longer!

When you think about it, you realize just how valuable mom’s goodbye kiss really is.

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