Thursday, January 15, 2009

Comic Books for all ages?

Ummm, maybe I was a little hasty about a point that I recently made in my last post about Nick outgrowing superheroes--entirely. Yesterday Nick asked me to take him to Newbury Comics, his new favorite store since he discovered that they have every comic book under the sun (and far out beating the bookstore). Not to mention tons and tons of superheroes figures, toys, memorabilia … you know Newbury Comics, right?

Well as Nick was looking over the comic books and choosing the one he wanted (Hellboy) since he still had a 50 gift card (from aunt Susie) for Christmas, I was observing a guy standing near and checking out comic books himself… and then I started to listen to his phone conversation (on cell) talking about “Spiderman,” I believed… unless he was saying that he just saw a spider, man!! But I didn’t think so; I think he was talking about Spiderman—the superhero … um, the fictional superhero, right?? And since he had a deep voice and a “beard,” I had to think that he was an adult—aka a grown adult male who loves superheroes, still!!! And then I realized that his buddy on the other end of his cell had to also be an eternal fan of all things superheroes, as well!!!?—perhaps there’s a club for all men who (don’t want to grow up) like superheroes?

I did quickly try to sneak a peek at the comic book that the “man” had stashed under his arm, to see if I could make out exactly what he was buying and if--just if--I had made some tragic mistake and the section that I had Nick practically stalking was, in fact … you know, the nude-girly superhero comics … if there was one? I did actually think that for a quick sec…

But then I realized no, and calmed my overactive imagination while standing by "observing" and holding my jacket, Nick’s jacket, Nick’s gloves, Nick’s hat, my purse, my hot coffee, my bags —and watched the boy and the man reading comics.

I noted that a lot of people (in all different age groups and cultures) love comic books, does this include superheroes for all ages? What do you think??


Mama Mara said...

I know many men in their 30s and up who are total comic book geeks (not that there's anything wrong with that). This is a huge cultural phenomenon. These guys are everywhere! And they like to congregate in huge numbers to discuss their comic book obsession (check out this site, and you'll see that comic books are HOT for kids and grownups alike).

I would love it if my boys were into comic books because they would have an automatic avenue to friendship with a group of like-minded, often socially awkward and geeky, guys.

Holly Nappi Collins said...

Good point!! I am thrilled that Nick likes comic books and that he reads them religiously. I just didn't know how popular they were for adults, as well.
Yes, and maybe this will be a social niche for him as an adult.

Thanks for the comment, Mara

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Nigel's superhero interest has morphed over the years. He loved Spiderman, Hulk, and Superman and has been all of them for a few Halloweens, but his latest favorite "super" hero is Indiana Jones. He'll still occasionally watch the superhero movies, I think because the movies themselves with their special effects appeal to him, but Indiana Jones (what he was for Halloween '07) has trumped them all.