Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Hundred Minutes...Let's hope not

My son doesn’t understand satire. But that doesn’t hold him back from enjoying his MAD magazines. He loves it. He loves that they spoof a superhero or two throughout the magazine, and in almost every issue, too. Whenever he runs to the mailbox to get the mail, I know that he’s eagerly awaiting either a Netfilx movie or his MAD. And when he does get his monthly issue, he runs to me to show me what’s so funny this month.

I know it as satire and laugh at what I see; a totally different reason than why he laughs and what he sees. And this months edition was no different: It’s titled: “Ohama, The First 100 Minutes” and has three cigarettes hanging out of Obama’s mouth—just to say the least.

Of course Nick found it hilarious just the same--the cigarettes, that is. And not really understanding why Obama is parodied looking disheveled, sweating profusely, eyes bloodshot, aspirin and Pepto Bismol running amok -- “You know cigarettes are bad for you!!” he says of the scene. “And he has three in his mouth and two ashtrays full” laughing along amusingly. And, of course, the whole cartoon of Obama looking -- well -- just hilarious is enough to tickle his funny bone.

I do try to explain more of what is funny about the picture. The truth. The politics. But I think some things are better left for the adults who understand the complexities of the world—not for innocent boys like Nick. I do smile at his enjoyment and his delight of the magazine as a whole. And I do wonder, as he reads cover to cover, if he’s getting the message—if just a little bit. Perhaps in time and after a few hundred MAD magazines he might start connecting to the real world a little more, and losing that sweet innocence along the way. But no hurry!

To truly appreciate why Nick found the cover picture so amusing … read this older post of his obsession with cigarettes and smokers alike … It’s just as amusing!!

And let’s hope that President Obama’s first few minutes are better than illustrated….

Good Luck President Obama; Nick’s rooting for you!!


Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Nigel does the same thing with cigarettes. He is very anti-smoking and talks about how bad it is, but he used to pretend he was smoking with candy cigarettes. That was a funny story with Nick and the nuns!

Mama Mara said...

My son Taz is also clueless re humor nuance, and I don't think he'll ever really get it. In the meantime, I'm glad to have an excuse to buy MAD magazines, because I apparently have the sense of humor of a teenage boy.

BTW, WTF? Candy cigarettes are still on the market? Yikes. I hope they come with a Surgeon General's quasi-warning.

babs m said...

Poor Obama. When he announced he'd run, everything wasn't nearly as bad as by the end of the campaign. Comes from announcing so early, I guess. I'm with you that we hope things will go better for him than anticipated.
One thing we're doing is taking his message of change and community-building and we're going to sign up for community projects in the spring to help others. Kind of show how words and action coming together, you know?

Holly Nappi Collins said...

Wow, Babs, great thing to do. Let me know what some of your projects entail...I would love to know. Or i will read your blog if you blog about it.