Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Everything Batman, but predicting not forever!!

Dunanananana BATMAN, BATMAN, BATMAN…Dunanananana … (click here if you want to hear the orginal tv show song and the tune in my head...)

I sing that song every night as I walk down the hall and glance into Nick’s bedroom. As a spin-off of my last post (about my daughter’s favorite things) my son loves all things superheroes … and Batman was one of the gifts that he got for Christmas--well actually, several Batman things, but I’m not counting or judging. One of these Batman things were Batman pajama pant bottoms; and after several weeks, I still see these Batman pjs hanging from the top bunk of his bunk beds, and still hanging from its hanger—“like on display.” Hmm, it would appear that he was not wearing the pjs and not really caring about them because, you see--you still don’t know about my son and his clothes hanging issues and clothes storing habits …. more on that later… but it’s simply not true. I see him at night walking around with the very same black and white Batman pjs--as in “worshiping” form. So my conclusion to my not-so-heavy research into this very interesting mystery is that he is wearing these pajama pants at night--as I do witness him sporting them proud throughout the house; and in the morning before his shower at 6:15 a.m, I can only assume that he is carefully taking them off and hanging them back on its hanger at the edge of his bed (like Batman would do) so that they don’t get dirty, wrecked, wet, ruined, or spoiled in any way…

Good grief, the only thing I can do at that hour is drag myself to the kitchen---with all of my “original” nightclothes still on my body (and NO, they are not the same clothes I would have been wearing the “evening” before… my life isn’t that much fun … anymore!!). But all I can do is make and pour myself coffee; hanging up clothes would be a far-reaching fantasy at that hour--but my 14 year old has been doing it dutifully for several weeks.

Now let’s go back to this boy of mine dresser drawers: sock drawer, pant drawer, pajama drawer--which has clothes strewn about and disheveled. Some of the drawers don’t even shut all the way because the clothes are so carelessly thrown in and hanging out--like a real slob’s room would look … But his Batman pjs are hung back up fresh, careful and without a wrinkle--and on display respectfully at 6:15 every morning.

God forbid I wash them and some tragic thing happens in the washer--my washer is on the fritz and it has been known to wreck clothes: rip, destroy and eat up to shreds ….

Ohhhhh, don’t even think that!!!!

But I don’t think that superheroes will be with him forever; at least not at the same obsessive level. If I’ve been observing anything in my life, it has been my son. And through the years I’ve noted that what he used to love and obsessed about, he no longer finds interesting. He doesn’t talk about, or read about, or play with dinosaurs (his very first obsession); and he hasn’t mentioned the words Power Rangers in years. So, if I were a scientist and this were my case study, I would conclude that this too will pass and he will move on to things of adults nature--as he grows into an adult: Women, sex, family, jobs—eek, sex and women are not comforting elements to think about; but one must face the tune as most parents across the globe do, regardless of if we accept it or not.

And if I can throw a cyber penny into a cyber wishing well and make a wish and have it come true, I wish all these things for him--everything he wants in life--even the scary adult stuff that all good parents must bear to witness of their special children. And I wish for a nice woman in his life who will love him more than anything and anyone; and…um…who just so happens to have a good paying job as a successful attorney, doctor, scientist--no, I’m not picky, but a scientist would be preferred, because that would be so much more fun for him!! And, of course, this wonderful woman would find her mother-in-law equally wonderful, deserving, praiseworthy … Okay, okay, I’m going too far, but it’s my penny and my wish!!


Mama Mara said...

Great wish!

So he wears the pants and then hangs them up? This is a child? A boy child? A HUMAN boy child?

I'm stunned.

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

I have that wish too . . .