Friday, January 23, 2009

Kids' Update...

As you might know I have not spoken of Meghan in a few weeks… that is because all is boring on that side of the great kid divide.

What I mean is: Meghan is doing wonderfully. Really. She has a good and consistent life (home and school) and she’s comfortable. At school she has a daily calendar of schoolwork (Which she loves—now how many kids love to do schoolwork?—she’s going to be a genius when she grows up!!) and then she has activities, special programs and she goes swimming twice a week. And when she goes to her “house” she does more (request) schoolwork, colors, and plays a game with one of her favorite friends…Oooh, did you hear that? She has a friend… It’s funny because when I receive a weekly call from Meghan’s assigned house teacher, she tells me that Meghan is the most social student (at least of the 8 girls at the house). It brought me back to when she was four (two year after her “severe end” autism diagnosis) and we were seeing a neurologist at the Ladder’s program in Mass. and the doctor said Meghan was special from the other (severe) autistic kids she knew because she said Meghan is “social.”

And it’s true, to a point. She is not what I would call a social butterfly; looking to entertain kids and people around the clock… but she has always been willing and able to acknowledge people and work for their attention— positive or negative, either one—she doesn’t care; she is not looking to please anyone but herself. If you think about it, isn’t that the way of a well-adjusted person? Looking to seek pleasure from others, but not willing to give a piece of yourself for the sake of others. It’s the attitude of a well-adjusted person, but not necessarily a person who would keep a lot of friends. Interesting, isn’t it?

On the other side of my kid divide is a boy who sits on the opposite end of the spectrum (high functioning) and could attract so many kids if he were…well…social. Just a little social; a small chapter from Meghan book is all that I would ask for; to balance his willingness to please with some social skills and an interest in other kids--of any kind, would be a great gift—for him. And maybe a little bit of healthy work ethic to go along with it, too. He hates school and work (unlike Meghan) and as of late, he told me that his aide gives him the answers to schoolwork—how about that for honesty!!? Ugh. And do I know this boy of mine—his handsome face, nice personality and cunning gets him everywhere!

Perhaps in time and if they hang out together when they’re grown adults--there’s hope, right?-- they would make the perfect dynamic duo (like Batman and Robin): with his ability to retain friends at a single bound, and her ability to attract them like no other…Wow, they would conquer the world and set out to new sites and actually leave the bat cave and live a life of solidarity and less solitude!!

Ahhh, a mom can only dream… and I’ve got comic books on my brain.

And at this very moment I am awaiting Meghan's return home for the weekend--loaded up with her favorite snack foods... and we will take in a day of sledding--her favorite! And I have a smile on my face... see

Happy Weekend to you too!!

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Tanya @ Teenautism said...

So great to hear that Meghan's doing well! (Nigel, like Nick, could use some of her work ethic too!)

Have a fun weekend!