Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's Nose Hair, Mom???

"What’s nose hair mom?”

Ugh!! Here we go again! I know how this conversation will develop… Let me just explain about Nick and hair-- if it’s not on his head, he doesn’t want it. He still stares at the one chest hair that he barely has and wants to shave it…and let’s not even mention his legs and, um, another place… so let’s take this ride together, shall we…? because you're coming along too... too bad, don't complain!!

“Everyone has nose hair, Nick, it’s normal.”

“But I have nose hair see…” (Nick demonstrates a finger and a turned up nose in my direction. If he wasn’t my son I would have to say Ewww, here….)

“Yes, you have nice nose hair, Nick!”

“I don’t have to cut it?”

“NO, see I have it too.”

“Only men who get really old have long nose hair?”

“Yes.” (If I were to guess, he is talking about his late great-grandfather who died over 5 years ago … and was 93 and had grey nose hair…and, apparently, "problematic" nose hair, too!)

“And they have to cut it?”

"Sometimes." (Oh, no, was that a concrete enough answer?? Try that again…) “Yes, they have to cut it if it gets long…” (I can’t believe I’m having this conversation…I will crack a beer now… You can crack a beer now, too, if you want, I won't blame you..)

“Why do we have nose hair?”

So we looked up all of the functions of --- nose hair --- (interesting! read here for your nose hair reading enjoyment, too!! It's only fair!!)

What! Satisfied? Wow. No obsessing for hours about nose hair, or chest hair, or hair growing in odd and “all” places…. But I just cracked a beer and am ready!!
Oh wait, he’s coming back…

“Should I shave my legs like you do, Mom?”

“Absolutely NOT!”

“Only girls?"

“Yes, only women shave their legs…”

And he was off...
That was it. Nice and easy. And he’s satisfied…

But what's he shaving!!!??? Do YOU want to ask??


Tanya @ Teenautism said...

LOL! Especially the part about asking if he should shave his legs!! And now I feel like having a beer . . . or a glass of wine :)

Mama Mara said...

My Rocky loves his body hair, having always believed that humans are animals and SHOULD have "fur" and claws (which is why he refuses to cut his long nails, nails that any woman would totally envy).

Taz, on the other hand, gags when his dad takes his shirt off, exposing the hair on his back. I have a feeling that I'm going to be bathing the poor kid in Nair someday.

Holly Nappi Collins said...

So tell me, what's worse, out of control nose hair or out of control back hair???