Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting older; getting wiser...

Nick was at his usual obsessive "talks" of not wanting to grow up. It started off the same:

“My art teacher keeps saying that I'm tall; and said she can’t believe I’m in the 8th grade!”
“All teachers say that, Nick.”
“Yeah! You know I don’t want to grow up!!”
“I know.”
"And you KNOW I don’t want to go to high school!!"
“I know.”
“Why do the stupid teachers tell me that I’m big? I HATE that!!
“I know, but most teachers think that you like to hear that.”
"Well I don’t! (with a demonstrated fist in the air) I HATE THOSE STUPID TEACHERS, I'M GOING TO PUNCH THEM!”
“Nick, the teacher doesn’t know you don’t like to hear that; you’ll have to tell her next time, that’s all.”
“Yeah, well you know I don’t want to grow up and be older!”
“I know!”
“But it’s a good thing too?”
“Yes, it’s a very good thing…”
“I can do more things, like watch rated R movies?”
“Yup, older kids can watch whatever they want…”
“It’s boring to be little all the time?”
“It sure is; being older you can watch and do whatever you want…”
Big smile as he bounced out of the room and down the hall …

In case you didn’t catch the drift of what happened in our conversation, let me paraphrase: Nick introduced why he was mad; then his rage climaxed; then he gently talked himself out of it with the same content used to "settle the problem" in previous similar conversations… I had very little to do with it!! Remarkable!!

It’s getting easier now, and he’s memorizing and using points of conversations that help him feel better… I can just sit back and take the ride…YAHOO!! Or at least I could, this time. But it was wonderful to listen and note his progress!? No temper tantrum. No crazy talk. (Um, trust me, the previous outburst wasn't the worst!) He’s definitely growing up—physically and emotionally… And I’m so proud of him!

All I really have to say is Ahhh--my work here is done!! (well, kinda!!!)

And yeah, but… um… he will always be my little boy, Ubaboo, though! Right?? That’s U-ba-boo. It's love talk in native Mama, and it’s one of many, many nicknames that I have for him! And, Yes, just so you know--I do beat the record of "the most nicknames given to ones children," (if there is such a record) and I can prove it, too!! ;)


Tanya @ Teenautism said...

That's so great that Nick's starting to "talk himself out of it" when he gets worked up about something. I think Nigel will be able to do that soon too!

Mama Mara said...

He's writing his own social stories! Excellent job, Nick.

You must share more of your nicknames -- if Ubaboo's a typical example, I think your list will be a hoot.

Maddy said...

We have two variations on the 'not growing up' and the even worse 'dying because you are old' versions, which regularly do the perseverating round here.

The latest [thoroughly acceptable version] is that he's going to be a dog walker [to earn money] and live at home. the money is to pay rent! Child exploitation here we come!

Holly Nappi Collins said...

Um, Mara If I write a post of all the nicknames that I have for my kids...people will think that I'm ... um, nuts!!!

Hey, Maddy, dog walking is a great idea, and it's theraputic too, no?