Thursday, July 3, 2008

Abilitations Creations for Sensory, Communication, and Learning Tools

For those of you interested in therapy equipment and other products for a complete sensory diet and communication aiding tools and devices, Abilitations has just about everything that you can imagine. I’ve used the different products and found them essential for my daughter’s sensory diet. I still get their brochure in the mail on an ongoing basis. has just about everything that you could ever need or imagine for a person with all types of special needs--a lot of these products and equipment you will find in your child's classroom and therapy rooms (at least I hope). However, the products tend to be very expensive, so see if your insurance can off-set some of the expense. If not,

in Massachusetts there is the Arc of Massachusetts and DMR (Department of Mental Retardation) and see if you can get special funding for your child with special needs.

I hate that name by the way--The Department of Mental Retardation--we need to work on getting a better name for this department, it's cold and derogatory, do you agree??)

And if you live on the south shore of Massachusetts, there is a special fund called the Phillips Fund that will actually pay for these kinds of things, including special therapies and equipment. A fantastic help and a wonderful program!! Ask the local Arc, or comment or email me and I can tell you more.

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