Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Eccentricity" Poem

Many years ago I started writing poetry (when writing fiction wasn’t going so well—still working on that one book by the way). It was an idea of one of my old college professors, he said that when he had writer's block he would switch to writing poetry—he eventually publishing several books of poetry…and not one novel—interesting. Anyway, I tried it and loved it. When people call it “the healing power of poetry” it is such a true title and statement! Try it! I wanted to share this poem with you, it was a favorite when I was writing my poetry and hosted some poetry readings. Enjoy!


Autism is beautiful too.
I see it every day.
I can feel it too.
Running down to the ocean almost naked
But wouldn’t totally naked be so perfect
Feeling the sand, the breeze,
Enjoying this free world.
How wonderful it is to witness such beauty.
A child enjoying this beautiful work of nature—
With such delight.
Running to the water,
Chasing the luscious waves
And cool sprays,
Loving every breaking crest;
Then splash over and over and over again.
Tireless, she could do this all day—
And I could watch her all day,
But I must tire and keep abreast
As to not have her—drift away.
Her face beaming.
Her voice squeaking.
Her joy breaking straight through me
Like each home-bound wave
Breaking on its welcoming shores.

Autism is beautiful too,
Complexities and all.
Her brain the “jigsaw puzzle”
With some of its pieces in disarray,
Her job it to find the way
To put them in their rightful place
And what is left over, is simply left over
And that we will just have to name: Eccentricity.
But, even so, she will connect to say
That I am indeed autistic, but I will be okay
For I am learning to connect and become just like you,
Not because I want to, or
Because I believe that you are more “normal” than I,
But because I have to:
Majority speaks and speaks loudly
And tells me that I must conform
And be just like you and get along;
But a small part of me will always go on enjoying
My wonderful, free moments
At the beach—
Eccentricities and all…

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