Monday, July 21, 2008

"Talk Radio Host" on Autism

Yes, I’ve heard Michael Savage’s latest opinion of autism. (Michael Savage is a conservative radio talk show host.) I had originally chosen not to participate or to draw attention to his ridiculous banter (crap) but someone asked me if I had seen it. In case you haven't heard: he believes that the diagnosis of autism is “a fraud” and a "phony disease" and it’s just another way for people to collect disability from the government. And that kids who are diagnosed with autism are not autistic but lacking parental discipline and are “S.T.U.P.I.D.”

Gee, I didn’t know Michael Savage was a Pediatric Neurologist too?

But in case you haven’t heard—hear you go. Feel free to offer your opinion—Hey, I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion!

Here is another link to a separate broadcast and more of his views on autism--if you are not sick already!!

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