Monday, July 28, 2008

Movement to End "Savage Nation"


The lesbian basher and now autism slanderer conservative radio talk show host, Michael Savage--incidentally, the third most popular radio talk show host in America--has lost at least four major advertisers in one week’s time since his ignorant mouth flapped unrighteously attacking autistic children, angering those parents (and sickening others such as myself); some parents are boycotting his show and are trying to get him fired and off the air for good.

So far there has not been word of him being fired but at least four major advertisers are pulling their advertising from his nationally syndicated radio show and others’ whose contracts have ended are not going to re-sign; one of the biggest advertisers is Aflac insurance company, which spent $90 million in advertising last year; and a network of seven stations in Mississippi has announced they will no longer carry the Savage Nation radio program following his derogatory remarks about autistic children, as reported by the New York Times and ABC News.

Hateful remarks are not new for Savage, however, he has on separate occasions attacked the Islam religion and lesbians with his personal conservative views and hate-filled words which also incited advertisers to pull out from advertising on his show last year.

What is to happen to Mr. Savage and his show, I don’t know but I found this Care2 petition site to pull Savage off the air--check it out here.

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