Friday, July 11, 2008

Breakthrough or Known Fact

Autism breakthrough? Hmm. Can someone please explain to me why this is a breakthrough? It was reported this morning on ABC News that researchers have found a gene that simply sits idle and just needs to be "turned on."

Have we not always known—at least for the last twenty years or so--that intense therapies early in the child’s development can greatly improve the child’s chances of either “recovering” from autism or simply “improving” their skills given the child’s severity. I think we have always referred to this as making connections or reconnecting or rewiring the brain.

I know that it is pointed out in this ABC News article that some children with mild autism can improve…due to what we already know? So please, please tell me why I will be educating people, family members, concerned friends, that this in not a medical "breakthrough" for a cure—and that, in fact, I’ve been engaging in this “breakthrough” for the last 13 years.

My daughter has had the benefits of every therapy known to man (or men/woman understanding autism) and has improved through the years in being able to engage in some activities but her behaviors are still so extreme; hence, we need to send her to a residential school now that she is 13. So what is this study saying, that if my daughter has supposedly recovered from autism--since we have (and are still) worked for the last 13 years in “turning on” those sleeping genes that she would otherwise be destined for a life in military school or worse, jail??

Not a breakthrough, just a confirmation of what we already know.

I’m not trying to cause trouble; I’m just a blogger looking for REAL answers.

Watch the breakthrough in autism research video if you haven't already:

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Foresam said...

There is no autism gene, it's a hoax. Same as the useless therapies they jam down our throats. We only have those therapies because the government decided EVERY child had to have an education, even kids like mine who could never learn anything until I started chelating the mercury out of his brain. The therapies are just designed to meet federal guidelines while making people who majored in Special Ed feel useful. They were originally used because nobody knew what else to do and they figured if you tried to teach the same simple task 100,000 times that some of these kids might learn it.

Now that we know about chelation and how to cure autism, all of time they waste with our kids in schools should be abandoned until biomedical interventions can make them educable. However, that will never happen since curing autism by bchelation proves that the autism was caused by mercury. That would cost the drug companies trillions, make the doctors all look like morons and make all the federal bigwigs who allowed this to happen to our kids look like idiots. So, it will continue to be covered up by the govt. and the medical profession.