Monday, July 7, 2008

The Three Rippers

Well there was Jack the Ripper (who we didn’t like), Rip Van Winkle (who we pitied), and now we’ve got Meghan who Rips (who I would like to kill-- kidding of course).

Let me tell you a little bit more about Meghan who Rips, because I don’t think you know that one! Well she’s my daughter who, as you might already know, is autistic, and has developed a new form of expression: ripping her clothes! Does she think that I’m bloody rich or something? She must really think that my ½ carrot diamond studs (square cut and super shiny) are real! I think so; because when you start relating personally with the sales staff at your daughter’s favorite clothing shop, or when someone asks you “don’t you work here?” You know you’ve got a problem—and, sadly, I’m not talking about shopaholicism, because there’s a very good remedy for that—call a shrink or divorce attorney!

The problem is that when she is done with a shirt, pants, underwear, and socks—usually (now here is where you’ll want to bite down on something really hard) just after wearing the item only ONCE, then she will rip them "unwearable "and send them to fashion heaven! That’s one time the shirt, one time the (30.00) pants, one time…well you’ve got the idea! Oh, the pain!

And, yes, this behavior is due to her OCD and sensitivity to some of her clothing, and NOT because she thinks that we are "super rich" and--God forbid--to wear an outfit more than once! But besides for body brushing (which doesn't seem to really work for her anymore) I'm not sure what else to do besides keep buying clothes and pray that she likes wearing them.

The solution? And can you actually divorce your daughter? Or maybe I’ll just trade her in for Jack the Ripper—and just take my chances with him!!

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