Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If I'm going to lose a toe, it's going to be done the old-fashioned way

There was a discussion on another blog about women over 40 not being as happy as their over 40 male counterparts. Some women (and most men) believe in cosmetic or plastic surgery to make them (women) look better and, therefore, feel better about themselves.

However, this interesting story came out and I think it is taking cosmetic surgery to a whole new extreme. No only are modern day women wanting boob job (bigger), Botox injections (younger), cosmetic surgery (prettier), but they are actually having their pinky toe removed so that she can feel sexier fitting (I mean squeezing) more comfortably in the narrow foot of the stiletto heel.

"The fifth toe is an important part of your foot structure and removing it could
affect your gait and balance," says Caroline Reid from chiropodists Happy Soles.
"But I have heard of it happening in America so women can squeeze into
tight-fitting heels."

Women aged 18 to 73 were questioned about their favourite shoes for a study, published by the British Journal of Podiatry. One in three said they liked wearing heels regularly. One in five said they wore them to look good at work or because their partner liked them, even though they hurt.

Can you imagine?

Now I’m not opposed to women getting Botox injections to fill in deep lines and wrinkles to stay younger looking a little bit longer, but going through pain and discomfort and removing a toe for shoes is just too much for me …

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Christina Shaver said...

I can't remember how long ago it was, but in the days when women wore corsets I heard something about them getting rid of a rib!

Also, have you heard about geishas who wrap their feet in fabric at very young ages in order to stop their feet from growing entirely?

Humans do weird things to their bodies for fashion.

I'll keep my ribs, pinky toes and standard-issue feet.