Friday, November 7, 2008


Nick had a doctors’ appointment yesterday and he had to have the dreaded shots, yes, that’s plural. He was so nervous but kept it together; in fact, I didn’t know how nervous he was until the nurse told me that his blood pressure was reading a little high. I knew it had to be the possibility of a shot that was making him so nervous because he kept asking me if he had to get a shot and I answered him correctly “I don’t know.” Well I kind of knew that he was getting a flu shot because he is prone to asthma and it would be best for him, so I kind of lied.

But when the nurse confirmed that he was to have 2 shots including the flu shot, I told him the truth right away: “Nick you have to have two shots today, okay.” I explained the flu shot, but he already knew about that one and then I told him about the other and he said “Okay” to the doctor, like a brave soldier. If it were I, I would be tearing up and begging NOOOO!

But we all knew that he was slightly nervous (or petrified) because his blood pressure twice read 130/80, higher than it should be. So the nurse and doctor thought it would be best to take it a third time after the dreaded shots.

So much weighing in on these shots … now isn’t there?

When it was time he started to take it like a “man” oh, how I hate that expression, I don’t believe anyone should have to take anything like a man, even a man.

I forewarned him not to look at the needle, just turn away and you won’t feel the pinch as much. It didn’t work, because he kept watching the needle and moved his body away as if the nurse was trying to stab him, so I got on the other side of him and turned his face toward mine and he did finally surrender by stiffening his head and squeezing his eyes shut while looking toward me and I couldn’t help but hold his cheek toward me and kiss his forehead every time we heard the nurse say “a slight pinch …”

Just like a mom would do for her little boy, even one at 14. No difference.

Then his blood pressure went back to normal. All good! And a war story for Nick to tell!

I have a war of my own this morning with the dreaded IEP meeting. I’d rather have a stab in the arm than the shots that I'll have to take today.


Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Thanks for writing this post! It reminded me that I was supposed to take Nigel in for his shots last month. Although I'm sure he's glad that I'd forgotten - he's the same way as Nick, always nervously asks when we're going to the doctor if he needs shots. Can't say that I blame them!

Casdok said...

Well done Nick!!