Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away because my baby is getting autism

Victory for Obama, Yahooo! What an earth-moving celebration. This morning headlines read all about the celebrations that happened all across the U.S, including outside at the White House—reports have said they haven’t seen anything like it before. Wow!!

What a good escape from this other headline news that rainfall could now be the culprit for causing autism. Yeah, back to our reality. Yikes. I think I’ve heard it all now …

For all of you adding up all of the possible causes of autism from researchers over the years, this is certainly a newbie!! Reported by Reuters …

Children who live in the U.S. Northwest's wettest counties are more likely to
have autism, but it is unclear why, U.S. researchers reported on Tuesday.

No more are the days that I sit down and think back to all of the things that I could have done wrong during my pregnancies or exposed my babies to vile things like household chemicals, tuna fish that I may have eaten or given to them. But rain, hey, I couldn’t have controlled the rain so sigh of relief!!?

The researchers said their study supports this idea.

Perhaps infants and toddlers are kept are kept indoors in front of the TV more in rainy climates, and that somehow causes brain changes, they said. Or perhaps they breathe in more harmful chemicals while indoors.

Vitamin D deficiency caused by insufficient time in the sun might also be a
trigger, they said.

"Finally, there is also the possibility that precipitation itself is more directly involved," they wrote. Perhaps a chemical or chemicals in the upper atmosphere are transported to the surface through rain or snow.

My head is spinning!!! Thank God I’m not one of those neurotic mothers. But I’m starting to feel bad for all of those brand new moms worried to death that their kids could get autism.

Tell me something. Wasn’t New Jersey one of those states with a high rate of autism a few years back? I thought I remember hearing that?

Anyway, here is the full story report from Reuters,’ Autism Linked to Rain Study in case you missed it yourself.

Let me know what YOU think??


Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Rain? I should have known! Maybe that's why Oregon has one of the highest autism rates in the country! I shouldn't have moved to Oregon (*voice dripping with sarcasm*) . . .

Goodness, that study sounds like a HUGE step backward. As bad as PETA running their milk ads.

Casdok said...

Its crazy that they even do studies like these! They come up with new theories all the time - i wonder what will be next!