Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Something In The Air Today

What a nice day it was today! The weather was so fine at 64 degrees give or take, but for the NE that is just grand for this time of year. Especially when I had to scrape off the frost from my car yesterday morning and staring at the temperature gage haunting me at 32 degrees.

I really do like the fall, after the shock that summer is over, and it is on a day like today that I (we all) really can enjoy the fall. Mild weather, beautiful shades of reds and yellows glowing from the trees. Soon snow will be the only thing glowing, but enjoy this while it lasts.

Next to the weather being fine, Nick and I were off doing our errands for the day. Nick had off because of voting today. This is the first time the local schools in my area have designated no school on voting day due to safety reasons. So fine. Nick will come with me to vote and learn a thing or two. Or maybe not ... but that comes later.

First stop to any daily activity, of course, was … now all together yell

A STARBUCKS VISIT. Yes, very good!!

And as I pulled up through the drive thru, where I say my hellos because I’m a regular and (sadly) I know (almost) everyone by name, I got a freebie. Yup, giving them away for voting day. Now how about that for another good start of the afternoon!!

Then next was a visit to Staples. I needed to have a few copies of my resume printed up because my printer needs more ink and I’m too cheap to buy some right now. So on the check out he asked me for my REWARDS card and I told him NO because that would require additional work of filling out the paperwork. Not that I'm that lazy, it’s just not worth doing since I don’t go to Staples that often. And it’s not like other rewards card where they just hand it to you. So the guy offered to fill out the form for me since he had my resume anyway and just handed me my new rewards card.

Oh, presents!!

Next stop was the voting booth where there was absolutely NO LINE … Just walked right in and right thru. Yummy!

Then to the supermarket where I saved 20 dollars (rewards card) on my groceries w/o even trying ... this time. Extra Yummy!

So what was it about today? Oh, I think I know …

They best way to describe today was how Nick put it while we were just starting out driving to our destination:

Me: We have to go vote today, Nick.
Nick: Yeah, no more Bush, he’s a dummy!
Me: (HAhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!) No comment.
Nick: I mean he wasn’t good.
Me: You are so right; he wasn’t a very good president! But today we get to vote for Obama and set the world right! (I mean left).
Me: did you vote at school yesterday?
Nick: Yeah.
Me: Who did you vote for?
Nick: McCain
Me: (Whhaaaaaaaattt!!! ) Oh, really! Why?
Nick: I don’t know!
Me: Well you must know why?
Nick: (smirk) Sarah Palin
Me: (OMG)


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