Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who's Watching Gossip Girl

How old is too old or how young is too young to watch Gossip Girl? I can’t seem to figure it out. This new evening hit soap opera is red-hot and played by characters who are still in High School. Move over Beverly Hills 90210, because Gossip Girl is not only about the ultra rich high school Manhattan socialites living the good life in the upper east side, but kids who are clearly keeping up with the life of mature, sophisticated and manipulating adults.

Sitting in front of the television with my hot cocoa in hand, I wondered if I should be embarrassed by watching the show. It is about high school kids, none-the-less, and I didn’t even watch 90210 when I was in my 30s because it seemed much too young for me. Now that I’m in my, um-hum, 40s, I am finding it super hot to watch kids half my age living a life that I’m still not living yet. Let’s face it, they clearly attend more parties and social engagements than I do; and they get to and from these ultra-fancy social engagements via a limo in which they most certainly finish off their evening, or early morning, having sex within its sleek back seats with whomever guy they’ve ended up with that evening. Hey, when’s the last time you’ve had sex in the back of a swanky limo? Or better yet, when’s the last time you’ve had sex?

Lies and manipulation is another game these young Gossip Girls like to play. I don’t have that interesting of a life to actually manipulate or, better yet, blackmail someone who had dissed me. Take for example Blair who wanted to do-in her ex best friend. Well, clearly, five seconds spent at their local hot happening bar and this gossip girl has got a phone-photo of her ex BFF’s mom kissing a man that is clearly not her ex BFF’s dad. Oh, I’ve gotcha now, Gossip Girl!

The only thing I will catch at my local hang out bar is a bad cold or a man three times my age trying to pick me up. But Gossip Girl, Serena, likes to drink her martinis and do her men right there at the bar especially after doing a sexy dance number on the actual bar. If you can’t imagine doing that at your local hot happening place at the ripe old age of 17, then can you image sucking down martinis at 17? I couldn’t even handle a beer, which I could only get with my fake I.D. How’s gossip girl doing it?

Oh, the life of the Manhattan social scene where money can buy you anything, including a man, or a much younger man if you happened to be my age, that is. Or even afford you a super smart student to take your SAT for you because you forgot to actually get up after your one too many diet colas with an ex BFF who clearly wanted to finish you off with a little addition of a liquid drug added to said cola to ensure a good night’s rest. Oh, you nasty Gossip Girl. But don’t worry, because one phone call to your new super-rich and powerful stepbrother and he’ll take care of it, not prob. I guess you’ve dodged another bullet there, Gossip Girl!

Oh, a day in the life of NYC’s twenty-first century teens. Is it really this vogue? Or does the show just want you to watch the steamy, super-hot soap opera with your entire family, including your impressionable teenage kids? Yeah, my 14 year-old walked by my room and asked me if I was watching Gossip Girl. Oh, my!

In this article, it seems that teenage kids watching shows like this are finding themselves getting pregnant ... so a close eye and a little chit-chat with your teen about shows that seem to be geared toward teenagers (I thought it was) but really not? Yikes!

Read more here about sexy TV influence on kids.


Jen @ Mommay's Mayhem said...

I love Gossip Girl and watch it religiously!!

I only have a 5yo daughter but I think if I had a teen watching it, I'd have to have some talking with her! lol

Holly Nappi Collins said...

I agree!!