Thursday, September 11, 2008

Crazy Times Call For Desperate Measures

Okay, I will admit to doing something that was very "desperate," "impulsive" and "crazy." (Shhh don’t tell anyone!) It was many years ago and the craziness came from being the mother of 2 autistic kids. For those of you who aren't that familiar with raising autistic children, the craziness can be described as this:

One day you are traveling down a normal road which we will call “Typical Highway.” Everyone knows this road, and most of us even grew up traveling this road. But then, one day, you just happen to be that 1 person out of 150 to hit a strange bump in the road and veer off onto another road called “Autism Path,” and no matter what kind of funky GPS system you happen to own, you cannot get off this road and back onto Typical Way--believe me, you try! So you take the road at lot less traveled and pray that you come out on the other side or back on Typical Way--or at least you pray that "someday" you do.

The only problem with Autism Path is that it’s very bumpy and costly and it’s a road that you've never taken or even seen before--and lonely, all of your friends are still on Typical Way and making it a lot easier and faster--and happier than you!

I also mentioned "impulsivity" which comes from being so very "desperate" that you actually pick up the phone and dial the number of an "on-the-web" psychic to tell you how it’s gonna be and what your future holds … because, you see, I’ve never taken Autism Path before and it’s dark and lonely and scary, and it can make you do crazy things like pick up the phone and dial a psychic.

She swiped my credit card (yes, that’s right, I gave her my card number) and she read my palm--just minus my palm. She called it ((vibes)) and told me all about myself in one minute flat. Then I asked her: “What about my kids? What do you see!?” And she said: “I don’t see anything" but then told me for another swipe of my credit card and 10 more dollars, she would see what she could do!


So I was actually thinking …

Still thinking!

More thinking!

“No!” I finally said, sounding dispirited (damn it!!)

Then I hung up.


Today, I am more familiar with Autism Path but I still don’t know where it’s going to lead me or where I (we) will end up… but I think I see some light at the end, somewhere. For some of you still miles behind me, I will let you know!

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Christina Shaver said...

Too funny! I passed up a psychic on the street two weeks ago, and if she weren't busy with a couple, I totally considered doing it for your same reasons!