Friday, September 12, 2008

A Meghan Update... her residential school progress

A Meghan update:

We saw her last week, as we do every week. And she looked great! She just has this content way about her; she’s comfortable with herself and her life. I’m so grateful. Not just for what the school and teachers do, and do for every child who is welcomed through their doors, but I’m so grateful that there was a solution for Meghan and we had finally found it. Albeit, a harder solution for us, her parents, but we can't be selfish—we didn’t have kids to be selfish and hold them back from thriving—we had kids to help them blossom and grow—and then send them off to find their own life. Even if it doesn’t sit too well for two parents who will love her more than anyone else in this world.

So, Meghan seems content and at peace, that’s what it seems to us. (Does she still need me?) An observation by two people who only see her once a week, but that's almost a better thing: two virtual outsiders (as strange as that sounds) can see through the glare and see what’s really there by not seeing her everyday.

It won’t be like this forever, she will start coming home every other weekend and hopefully it will be a success. I would hate to think that we could screw this up and wreck her progress or her continuity—and that she doesn’t mind commuting the 1.5 hour trip, each way, twice a month, which I think is a good schedule for all of us.

It’s definitely a step-by-step process and we take it one day at a time… and, demonstrably, that is just what we have to do.

One of her favorite thing to do at the (her) house is swinging on the tire swing; she swings high and wide. She also loves her schoolwork and does it for a free time activity, even; she is also using all of her communication books effectively and appropriately (she has two books jammed packed with nouns, verbs, and adjectives, and one communication output device).

She started her swimming classes, for those of you who are not familiar with her school, there is a huge Olympic style pool designed specifically with special needs kids in mind. She loves it. She swims twice a week. And the treadmill, too! Who would have thought that she loves the treadmill? She's on it every chance she can get at the schools gym and house. (She never liked it at home!!) Just more proof that she is coming into her own!

More and more that I think about it, this school is a luxury—one would gather that from its hefty price tag—and at this price—I would expect a hot tub, sauna, and cabana boy ;) but these girl are only 13, so luxury for them entails: an environment of several trained teachers at their disposal for help , guidance, and activities … it’s like having a bunch of moms (or big sisters) who are guaranteed to never get over-tired or frustrated and there’s always at least one mom who will like a particular activity at any given time. Some of the “moms” are good cooks; others like to shop; and some others are just plain playful—how ideal! Who needs just one mom, when you can have a house full of moms.

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Christina Shaver said...

Thanks for this update. Your insight into this is so helpful for me and my husband. I forwarded the post to him.