Monday, September 22, 2008

Having Fun with Jenga

I can honestly say that I’m the happiest mom right now just watching my boy do the simplest of things. Or play the simplest of games, as he has been doing for the last two days: playing Jenga. At first I played about a 100 games with him (okay, I’m exaggerating) then his dad played, too; and at that point, I was thinking of kidnapping poor little Jenga and holding it hostage, the ransom? Play any other game, please, any game—like scrabble—it comes with wood pieces, too, you know!!

But then I thought better of the sociopathic little game of mine because this boy is having much too much fun with Jenga (his newest best friend?) and why upset a happy boy. Instead, I should be (and am) the happiest mom right now. In the past he might not have played appropriately with Jenga, and made Jenga do things that Jenga just shouldn’t do. But he is playing the game, even on his own, quite well and, more importantly, he is having fun…and it’s age appropriate too! Yahoo!! It’s the little things in life, isn’t it? He is also getting good hand-eye coordination out of the deal, too—I must boast! Not that he needs better hand-eye coordination, given the fact that he is an expert (proud mom talk here) at video games. Games which cost 50 bucks to buy and only last one week or less before the boy beats the game (that means it’s over) and it goes—bye, bye— into gaming history and stored in the armoire for safe keeping. That armoire is banking some big bucks let me tell you!

So Jenga can stay—all good! Scrabble? I’m still working on it! Nick just can’t seem to get past the fact that the (also wooden) pieces have letters on them and that you make words? “That’s not a game, that’s work.” Yeah, nice try MOM! Like I invented scrabble or something.

As he's getting older... it's getting easier and better!! And the little things count so much more!

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