Monday, September 15, 2008

Is My Car A Lemon ?

Is my car a lemon or am I just a screwee??

I have a 2004 Nissan Quest minivan (first year new model) and in four years it has needed more work than it should have OR is it just me? It also has 75,000 miles:

2 Alternator replacements: ----$700 for one, other was on warranty
All four brakes: -----$1200
Wheel Bearings: -----$ ? I must have blocked it out!!
Going to a bar after costly repairs---- oh, priceless!!

…and now I hear a click, click, clicking sound coming from the front left tire, just one month after the 700 repair!! So back to the shop for what sounds like more work = more money, and where I’ll be spending the majority of my day = more money.

These troubles have me singing around the house: money, money, money …it’s a rich man’s world ...

The last car I owned (a Jeep Cherokee) didn’t need any work until about the 120,000-mile mark or 6 years into owning the car.

So this is why I’m thinking that I got screwed. And the Nissan was thousands of dollars more expensive to buy. I think I’ll be going back to a Jeep the next time.

What do you think? Anyone own a Nissan?

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