Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mother Abandons Children--one is autistic

It amazes me that a mother could abandon her own children. As in this story by ABC News. One of her children has autism (mild autism) and she left this boy and her other four children in the care of their stepfather and her eldest daughter who was only 14. And if abandonment wasn't bad enough, she also left them penniless.

I have trouble adjusting to the fact that I had to send one of my autistic kids to a residential school; in some way, it felt as though I, too, was abandoning my daughter—one of the emotional challenges to a decision like this, even though it’s in no way the same, but, still, this story hits home extra hard. I just can’t understand how someone who had so many children, just picks up and leaves—walks out. How come she couldn’t or didn’t realize just how lucky she was and that she should be thankful that she could, for one thing, even have children, and healthy children too? And that one of the children has a milder form of autism—a child who especially needed his mother. How could she live with herself is my question?

This story just makes me want to stop and hug my kids!

The video of this story will break your heart. There is also a link to donations that can be made on behalf of the family (kids).

By the way, the missing mother was found by her eldest daughter (aka actual “mom” who is raising her sibling) via the mother’s website: she was found living by a new name and is a successful author living in London. She should be blacklisted and boycotted!

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