Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kids With Cell Phones Do The Darndest Things!!

Oh, boy. OH, BOY!! This is exactly what I said when I saw this one boy today. Now if this doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will??

First of all, it was a beautiful, warm, sunny day today so we were hanging out at one of our favorite beaches. It’s a beach with an adventure walk and wooded trails that wind down to a boardwalk which spills out onto a beautiful, sandy beach. I took some photos of Nick. Climbed the rocks—lots of rocks on our beaches. Watched two scuba divers take to the ocean. Nice!! Relaxing!! Until we pulled out of the beach's country road and onto a much busier road and saw a sight that just stunned us.

We spotted a young boy riding his bike---on a busy road---traveling fast---while talking on his cell phone!!!!

Ugh!! Sure. We can all say that we are guilty of doing the very same thing while we’re driving. Some even admit to text messaging while driving! (How do you do that, by the way? Uh, never mind ... I don't even want to know!!)

But the "problem" is that it looks like our kids are watching, even the ones who are under the legal driving age! And since they all have cell phones, too?

This should scare you even more: This past study by University of Utah psychologists showed that motorist who talk (even on a hand-fee cell phone) are equal to those who drive drunk. As some of you have probably heard, as I have, through similar reports. So ...

I drove away thinking that I had just seen a drunken boy riding his bike---on a busy road---and riding against the traffic---but I guess that's what you do when you're drunk!!

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