Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why Watch a Soap Opera when the Palin Story is On?

I noticed some moms, through other mom blogs, are having trouble believing or accepting that Sarah Palin can handle the job as Vice President given that she has five kids: one going off to Iraq—emotionally I don’t know how she’s handling that; the next eldest (teen) is pregnant, this has got to be a blow for the family and for the conservative message of “family values” and not to mention the boyfriend (aka father to be) who seems scared sh**less to me or is that just my opinion? Her other kids are still very young; and her youngest, Trig, we all know has special needs and is only 4 months old, and that Palin actually went back to work after only 3 days of giving birth—Wow!

This is one mom (that scares the hell out of me) and who has got a full load already. And I’m not so sure she is emotionally ready to be the second highest in command—I’m wondering when on her calendar, or list of things to do, her breakdown is schedule for? I, for one, hope that she has a nanny and a team of specialist to help Trig along because, as some know, special needs kids need everything from lots of attention to special ed. teachers and therapies—it’s a hard job, and for most of us, it can only be—their one job.

Some moms are having trouble with how her 17-year-old daughter’s pregnancy is or could, again, be “romanticizing” pregnancies and drawing attention to vulnerable teenage girls (as role models)—as in the Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy. I’m sure that reality has already set-in for Spears, now that her child is a few months old—just imagine if she had a special needs child?

Another point was made that if Palin didn’t work (and was a stay-at-home mom) then her teenage daughter might not be in this predicament in the first place. Something to think about (I will admit that it had crossed my mind.) and it doesn’t bode well for the working mom. It’s such a shame. But at the same time magnifies the significance of the “Mom” job as the most powerful and hardest job one can hold; not to mention, mom’s with special needs children who will certainly feel the wave of appreciation from the Palin story.

As a mom and as a woman, I am certain that Palin will do everything in her power (and she will have power) to make sure that her kids and their kids are cared for and helped on so many different levels. Especially, Trig, whom I’m holding a very strong place in my heart; along with most others—I’m sure. If elected, I think Trig will be the most loved child to ever hold high office.

I'm looking forward to hearing from Sarah Palin tonight--she is intriguing!!


Christina Shaver said...

My husband and I were talking about this the other day. I'm with you on wondering why she accepted the VP position, considering everything going on in her family.

And then my husband goes, "if she were a man, I'll bet everyone would just say he has a kid with Down's and a pregnant teenage daughter," and not care one iota whether the guy was home with the family or not. You know, I think he's got a point.

As a society, we put so much emphasis on the role and responsibility of motherhood, but not the same kind of accountability for the men.

Of course, not my man. I'm married to the best man in the whole world. He runs his own business and, in the same conversation, said that if someone approached him to buy the company, but he had to work insane hours traveling away from the family, he wouldn't take the offer. No matter how much money. Both our kids -- the one with special needs and the one without them -- need both their parents.

Holly Nappi Collins said...

I agree with your husband completely and from someone who is a feminist and I certainly believe that men and women are the same in that they can/should do the same job with fairness, accountability, respect and money--alike. I was focusing more on her emotional state. As a mother or father it must be hard dealing with everything that they are going through in their (her) life right now…. but you are right. I think that she has gone through a lot of bad press and it’s not fair. Equally, men, too, go through bad press. It’s not easy being in the spotlight.

I'm proud of her accomplishments and am intrigue to hear more from her. Life is changing and changing fast--some people are trying to keep up and are speaking their minds trying to understand it all! It makes life interesting!

And glad that you're married to the best man in the world---lucky you!