Thursday, September 4, 2008

More on Sarah Palin and Her "Top Secret" Pregnancy

I’ve written about communication dysfunction before but this takes the cake for me folks.

First off, I like Sarah Palin very much even though we do not share the same political views. I think that she and Hilary Clinton are revolutionary and it's about time that more women are seeking the White House; even though Palin has taken many unnecessary “hits” from people in both parties for her personal and political life. But it should come as no surprise since all politicians who are running for higher office are under the same media microscope and political slander from the opposing party by dredging up anything to throw off the opposition—hey, it makes for good politics and for good debates. Look at her attacks on Obama last night—it’s the nature of the game.

I had questioned (in a previous post) about her readiness for the V.P. chair. I am not stating that I’m sexist by any means, but concerned that their family has got a lot on their own plate to be taking care of the “plates” of the rest of the country.

I’m questioning the latest reports that Palin was pregnant and didn’t let anyone else in on the “secret” including her own 4 children. It’s one thing to hide her pregnancy from her other fellow Alaskans—which came as a shock to them, but to not let her own children know about the newest little “bundle of joy,” and that her children reported that they didn’t even know that he had Down syndrome until after the birth, a fact that even Palin and her husband had known early on in her “top secret” pregnancy.

It’s just a little off-putting to me, that’s all. I mean how is she expected to help unite the country as “one” when she can’t even unite her own family as “one.” It seems that communication is lacking and the dysfunction is running as fast as the gossip.

What's more important: your job or your family; the best interest of your country or your own family?


Mama Mara said...

Found you via Autism Family Adventures. Hello!

What twists my colon is that Ms. Palin is claiming that she's the special needs mom candidate. Puh-lease. She has only four months' experience as a special needs mom herself, and it's a long and painful learning curve as we know too well. She has no idea yet what it means: She hasn't (watched as her husband) sought help for her child only to find a multi-year waiting list; been denied insurance coverage for critical early intervention therapy; slogged through the Medicaid process; written IEPs and then had to constantly watch to be sure the plans are being followed ... and the list goes on and on.

Until then, to me she's just another politician who will do anything, including exploiting her disabled baby, to get a vote.

Holly Nappi Collins said...

I know, it is a political game...and staring into the camera and telling all of "us" special needs moms and dads that she will be the "chief" advocate...well it didn't sit well with me either. That should go without saying. And If children are off limits (as they should be) then why did she throw her son into the ring?

A good point to mention here too is that her sister has a child with special needs? Does anyone know their story? And has Palin helped "advocate" for them?